4.42s 60-130mph, 9.42s 1/4 mile, 180mph half mile.

RK Autowerks G80 M3 Phase 3 Create: 4.42s 60-130mph, 9.42s 1/4 mile, 180mph 50 percent mile.&#13


Hey fellas,

Desired to share current do the job on our G80. This is our stage 3 create consisting of the subsequent.

  • 60-130: 4.42s
  • -130mph: 7.05s
  • 100-150mph: 4.84s
  • 1/4 mile: 9.42s @143mph
  • 1/2 mile: 15.65s @180mph
  • 100-200kph: 3.69s

Tires: Michelin ps4s
Fuel: Ignite E85
Tuner: UTKUnoaPerformance and CedarPerformance
Excess weight reduction: Front move seat

The 1/4 the car or truck has a whole lot far more in it, I went out not anticipating it to go this rapid lol. I strike the brakes instead tough because my stretch of street curves tricky at the stop. Will go back when my 18″ wheels/tires arrive. 60ft ought to arrive down considerably and I see the automobile staying 9.-9.1s car with a 60ft of close to 1.4-1.45s. coupled with not lifting at the conclude. So significantly its trapping 152-154 consistently if I keep in it.

We’ve carried out just about every little thing possible to this auto, we will be incorporating a 100 shot with the wheels/tires when they get there. Full frame G25-660 are in the operates as very well.

  • RK Forged Motor consisting of
  • Arrow cast rods
  • CP solid pistons
  • Darton Sleeves
  • RK hearth rings
  • RK blueprinting
  • RK head studs
  • Frankenstein CNC ported heads
  • Valve springs, retainers, & keepers
  • Inconel valves

  • RK Stage 2 turbos with inlets
  • RK Billet port injection manifold
  • RK standalone gas procedure with surge tank
  • RK port injection technique
  • RK principal downpipes
  • RK secondary downpipes
  • Pure drivetrain phase 2 trans with convertor
  • Eventuri intakes

All of the tuning was provided by UtkuNoaPerformance and Cedartuning in dallas. You should contact them for your tuning wants, they can aid with everything from phase 1 to stage no budget.