AEHRA reveals design of its first model

AEHRA, a new world-wide ultra premium electric automotive manufacturer, has disclosed the exterior design and style of its to start with model, an SUV.


Presented to the international media in Milan, the metropolis exactly where AEHRA is headquartered, the AHERA SUV is influenced by the principle of exquisite futurism.

Featuring a lengthy 3-metre wheelbase, the SUV structure is characterised by a radically low entrance finish and exceptionally small entrance and rear overhangs, moreover exclusive details this kind of as mirrors influenced by racing motorbikes and elytra-like doorways


The overall search is aimed at standing out amid other cars on the sector right now.

The SUV will be followed by a second AEHRA model –a sedan – that will be unveiled in February 2023, with very first customer deliveries of both designs expected in 2025.

From the formal Push Launch:

Each solitary aspect of the SUV expresses AHERA’s dedication to defy modern, mass-marketplace automotive conference, combining originality with the pure values of classic Italian structure.


This is obvious in facets these types of as the glassware, which seems to movement as a solitary piece from the extremely entrance of the automobile and over the roof, just before sweeping down to the rear of the tailgate in an just about liquid-like trend.

Placing, narrow elongated headlights incorporate with LED lights strips highlighting the outer edges of the decreased air vents making a unique visual signature.


“With the AEHRA SUV, we have shunned the conservative constraints that have encumbered all other car or truck manufacturers in their solution to developing EV motor vehicles to day. As an alternative, we have taken a really courageous tactic. And at AEHRA, this state of mind drives not just the design of our vehicles, but each element, like engineering, the layout of the inside, the point out-of-theart sustainable resources we use and how we are redefining the entire shopper journey,” stated Filippo Perini, AEHRA, Main Design and style Officer.

AEHRA SUV Design Detail Wheel

“With the SUV, we have developed a vehicle that goes much further than the standard standards established by the automotive business for an SUV, and sets new benchmarks for style and comfort and ease. We have used a
monobody design, which, although utilized broadly in Italy in the earlier, is now commonly reserved for supercars only. We have taken an equally radical approach to aerodynamics, which engage in a central function in the layout, driving attributes and effectiveness of the SUV.”

AEHRA SUV Design Detail

Using highly developed CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), which have an accuracy equal to and, in some respects, larger than all those realized in wind tunnels, Perini and his team have created a flowing physique, which generates outstanding aerodynamic effectiveness.

AEHRA has adopted modern aerodynamic management, with movable things at the entrance and rear that  improve drag coefficient and thermal administration of the batteries even though also expanding the variety of the vehicle.

The catr would make use of state-of-the-art, exceptionally light, remarkably sustainable composite elements, which include solid carbon fiber technologies, which have only occur to the market in the past number of several years.


Technological Requirements

 Length approx. 5.1m
 Length approx. 2. m
 Weight < 2 t
 Height 164 cm
Wheel size 285/35 ZR 23″ front 24″ rear
Autonomy > 800 km
 Speed 265 kmph constrained
Electricity 550-600 Kw
Price positioning 160-180k usd


(Supply: AEHRA)