Audi R8 – Pre-Show Detailing Preparation With Joe Huntley

It would seem a great while a go now that we have been making ready for detailing’s ‘greatest exhibit on earth’. We are of course conversing about Waxstock. For the show in Coventry this year, Top Finish have been on hand to guidance German brand name, Nanolex and just one of the tasks we had was to obtain a suited vehicle to display on the stand.

A little something German would be purchase of the day and as luck would have it, a friend of a buddy was form adequate to lend us the keys to his every day driver – an Audi R8. Ideal news of all (and not for Joe Huntley), this was a daily driver in each perception of the word. It was filthy!

With the totally comprehensive Audi R8 representing Nanolex on the stand, we sent Joe a box of Nanolex goodies that would be additional than capable of bringing this meaty V8 back to its former glory.

Audi R8

Audi R8 Pre-Show Preparing Provides Incredible Transformation

As you will see in Joe’s total movie, this Audi required a truly comprehensive decontamination, the two inside of and out. Joe utilizes a whole host of the Nanolex assortment in just about every procedure. Like pre-clean, clean, decontamination, drying, equipment polishing and safety.

Audi R8

Equipment Sharpening Designed Easy with Nanolex

With the paintwork on this Audi R8 becoming black, it intended that imperfections caused throughout former clean levels were pretty clear indeed. Joe would be utilizing a mixture of Nanolex Ultra Slice and Nanolex Finishing Polish for the duration of the machine polishing stage, two products which are notably simple to use and deliver wonderful success, fast.

At the time absolutely device polished the R8 would be guarded working with one particular of Nanolex’s popular sealant solutions, Si3D Max – a sealant which, just like all of the Nanolex sealant variety, is specially effortless to set up.

Check out Joe’s total detailing video clip below – the ultimate transformation was surely nicely deserving of gracing the Waxstock clearly show

Detailing a Black Audi R8 for Greatest End & Waxstock | Washing, Correction & Ceramic Coating

Nanolex Pure Shampoo from £15.90

Nanolex Pure Shampoo is a highly effective, still particularly moderate (pH-neutral), phosphate and NTA-no cost exterior auto shampoo. The specialist mixture of surfactants guarantees hugely effective cleaning, and detergent homes which give significant foaming and outstanding slip houses. Dunk your wash mitt into your wash bucket whole of Nanolex Pure Shampoo and load it up with suds and get pleasure from a gorgeous glide throughout the panels you are operating on. This is a shampoo that is frequently made use of by skilled detailers many thanks to its reliable and protected washing cleansing abilities. For an even superior protection of the solution, you can even deploy Nanolex Pure shampoo into your favorite stress washer lance to be certain no spot goes uncovered.

  • Phosphate & NTA free
  • pH neutral
  • Wax & sealant helpful
  • Created, analyzed & generated in Germany

Nanolex Glue Ex from £11.90

Nanolex Specialist Glue EX incorporates a freshly made method to enable supply an even extra outstanding functionality when hunting to get rid of particularly hard or stubborn objects from automobile paintwork or challenging surfaces. Skilled Glue EX will not compromise the surface area holding the product you are searching to eliminate, as an alternative it will carefully carry the likes of tar, glue, tree sap and greatly stuck on decors or vinyls with its gentle agitating formulation. Simply just spray the solution on, enable to dwell for a small interval, then agitate with a microfibre till all you are still left with is a freshly cleaned end.

  • Gets rid of tar, glue & tree sap from really hard, painted surfaces
  • New formulation
  • Secure on any painted surface
  • Lengthy dwell time for greatest usefulness
  • Allows to remove unwelcome stickers, decals & vinyls

Nanolex Si3D Max From £99.90

Formulated VOC-absolutely free utilizing complex state of the art carriers, Nanolex Si3D MAX presents most security with quick to thoroughly clean properties and a thick protective coat can be anticipated to be generated when utilized. Advanced additives allow the sealant to access its entire possible with one solitary layer which is incredibly quick and safe and sound to use on all varieties of painted surfaces, which includes rims and difficult plastic parts. The substantial layer thickness implies the depth of color is maximised considerably, with each other with highest hydrophobic houses.

  • Thick layer for greatest protection
  • Simple to clean up influence
  • Optimum Hydrophobicity
  • Superior gloss end

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