Car of the Week: 1969 Shelby GT500 Updated

Car of the Week 2020

I’ve known George Huisman for 20-plus years. In fact, I recall sitting in his office back in early 2007 when he announced startup plans for his latest Mustang project. George’s company, Classic Design Concepts (“CDC,” as it’s referred to within the automotive industry,, was in the initial pre-production startup phase to produce a limited number of 1967 Mustang GTs using the new Dynacorn Mustang bodies as a platform. He and CDC Marketing Director Marnie Kramer discussed the upcoming SEMA Show where they’d display a special trio of cars to introduce their new CDC Mustang product line. After hearing the news, I asked George if he’d be interested in having a photo-feature written about the CDC ’67 Mustang project. His response? “Sure, why not?”