Citroën updates Ami range with ‘Tonic’ trim

Citroën has introduced a new range-topping trim to its Ami quadricycle range, featuring a unique yellow and khaki colour scheme.

Called the ‘Tonic’, this trim has replaced the former range-topping ‘Vibe’ trim before the Ami has even arrived on UK roads, but Citroën says it will still honour existing UK pre-orders of the Ami ‘Vibe’.

The Ami ‘Tonic’ features black headlight surrounds and roof rails, which the brand says are “decorative” rather than functional. To contrast its pale blue bodywork, this trim comes with yellow and khaki accents on its front fascia and doors.

The yellow theme continues inside, featuring on the door handles, and bag hook. Yellow directional arrows point to the door handles and window controls. The dashboard bins and interior door surrounds also feature khaki accents too.

And to remind customers that the Ami is all-electric, the ‘Tonic’ features “+” and “-“ interior stickers on the A-pillars either side of the windscreen.

That sums up this top-spec trim, which is priced at under £9k – there are no layout or performance changes to speak of. Like the standard Ami model, the ‘Tonic’ can travel at up to 28mph, powered by a 5.5kWh battery that can be fully charged in three hours and produces a quoted electric range of 46 miles.

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