Congrats to Our Friend John M. on the Birth of His Corvette Z06 VIN 006

Congrats to Our Friend John M. on the Birth of His Corvette Z06 VIN 006

As we shared last week, workers have started building customer-ordered Corvette Z06s at Bowling Green’s Corvette Assembly Plant, and this morning our friend John M. got the great news that his Elkhart Lake Blue 2023 Corvette Z06 VIN 006 reached status 3800 (completed).

The news of John’s Z06 being completed comes from the MidEngineCorvetteForum in which John (the site’s admin) describes John M as the following:

John is one of us, a “regular guy,” not an influencer, not a YT videographer, nor a celebrity, nor in any other way a VIP, just a person who worked super hard his whole life at his regular middle-class job and saved and saved. Far from his first Corvette. I am fortunate he is my friend!

John spec’d his Z06 as a non-Z07 Convertible with a 3LZ Sky Cool Gray interior and the bright Spider forged wheels.

Glad to hear this great news for a great guy! Chevy may not be building the Z06s at the rate we want right now, but they are building them, and I feel like each one completed is another step in the right direction.



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