How Can EV Owners Prevent Rodent Damage?

4 Tips To Stop Rats in their Tracks

You might have heard horror stories of Tesla owners opening their glove compartments and finding rats hiding inside. If you recently paid a bundle for an electric vehicle, it’s prudent to take proactive steps to protect your new ride.

You don’t have to live in fear, but you’re wise to take precautions. Here are four ways EV owners can prevent rodent damage.

1. Clean and Organize Your Garage

Rodent damage
Just looking for a place to crash

One of the best ways to protect your EV from rodent damage is to keep it in an enclosed garage when you aren’t driving it. Many people think of rats and mice, which are legitimate pests. However, squirrels and chipmunks also look for cozy winter homes this time of year, and the collection of wires underneath your hood looks ripe for chewing.

Your garage space can also seem like an inviting home for rodents, especially if there are food scraps in your garbage. That leftover moo goo gai pan smells like a smorgasbord to a hungry rat. Clean your space and organize it, using covered bins for waste and keeping cardboard and papers off the floor so pests have fewer places to nest.

2. Keep It Moving

Rodents are opportunistic critters, but aren’t necessarily nomadic. Like many creatures, they prefer to find a stable home base. Your car won’t qualify if you drive it frequently.

Therefore, don’t save your EV for only special occasions. Take her out for a spin at least once a week—more often is even better.

3. Clean and De-Scent

Is your backseat a graveyard of fallen french fries and runaway Cheetos? Rats have an amazing sense of smell and can detect that delicate aroma three times faster than humans. It’s well worth it to get out the shop vac once a week and give your interior a complete cleaning.

After you cleanse your ride of crumbs, why not go a step further to prevent rodent damage to your EV? The same essential oils that delight your nostrils cause rats to wrinkle their noses in disgust. Why not try repelling them with a few cotton balls soaked in peppermint, lemon or eucalyptus? You’ll improve the smell of your car while keeping pests at bay.

Rodent damage
The damage is real–and can be costly

4. Upgrade Your Insurance

This isn’t so much a prevention tip as a word to the wise if the worst happens. Ensure you have comprehensive EV coverage to cover any rodent damage. Depending on your model, you might want to talk to your insurer about upping your policy to a luxury plan.

It’s always important to talk to your insurance company when buying a new car. However, if you missed this discussion, it’s not too late.

Keep Rodents from Wrecking Your Ride

Your ride is your baby. You don’t want to think about rodents damaging your vehicle, but it can happen.

However, EV owners can prevent rodent damage by heeding the above tips. It’s worth it to preserve the beauty and value of your automobile.