In the driver’s seat – tips for the car-loving parent

When you prefer to live your life on four wheels, rather than two legs, you may have some concerns about how this can be affected by a child. While you may no longer be able to do some of the activities you used to, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your hobby. In fact, there may be ways that you can still engage with the car world, and even include your little one at the same time.

Plan ahead

As your child grows up around you, there’s a chance they may also develop a love of cars. This may mean that, once they reach 17, they would like to have their own. However, cars, and even driving lessons, can be rather pricey. To help them in the future, you may want to consider investing for your kids right now. Opening an ISA can allow you to put money away each month which they can use when they reach adulthood. Generally speaking, the sooner you start saving, the larger that money pool may be. It may also mean that you can deposit smaller amounts, which can be helpful for those who have little spare cash available.

Pre-empt accidents

Children can be notorious for spilling food and drink, so this may make you feel hesitant about allowing them to have those items in the car. However, for particularly long road trips it may be unavoidable. Rather than assuming that your motor will get ruined, you could instead consider that accidents may occur, and find ways to decrease the likelihood of staining. The use of removable seat covers can allow you to protect your vehicle’s interior, and even allow you to remove and replace them as suits you. Should a spill occur, you may then be able to simply take off the cover and wash it, with the material underneath left unblemished.

Follow the rules

One important aspect of having a child in your car can be the way you keep them safe. Using the correct car seat for their age and weight can really help to protect your child if an accident occurs. Even after your child outgrows the need for a booster seat, it may still be your responsibility to ensure that they are using a seatbelt correctly.

Teaching your child about safety in the car, right from a young age, may make this practice second nature for them. Alongside this, you may also want to show other legal, safe driving practices, such as obeying road signs and speed limits. Discussing these with your child as they grow could help them if they eventually become drivers themselves.

Being a car lover isn’t something you necessarily need to give up when you become a parent. By making some smart choices, both on and off the road, you may be able to continue pursuing your hobby and even help to benefit your child’s future. This can, in turn, allow them to develop that same passion, and even behave in a safe manner in vehicles.