Laguna Seca VIP track day part deux!

VIP Track Day Fun
Well, BMWofSanRafael and Sunwise Auto Group did it again: they sponsored another VIP track day at world famous Laguna Seca, and it was a blast!

What a privilege to be part of a community that this dealership actively nurtures. I honestly know of no other dealer group rewarding its loyal customers/fans like this. 🙏🤩

Lots of ///Ⓜ️ models in attendance from all sorts of generations, lots of great new people we met, and lots of rubber deposited on the track.

Thanks as well to the great folks at Shift Sector and Weather Tech Laguna Seca for ensuring we had a safe and fun track day. I’m still beaming from how much fun these events are to attend!

Notes on my second track day (ever) vs the first:

  • Turn 1: finally identified the right telephone pole to target in order to blast through it quickly. So far I tallied 119 mph as my top speed through this turn and up to the crest, but with more track time I think I can best that
  • Turn 2: still not sure how to hit the right line, but i think a single apex with an eye toward the exit is the best
  • Turn 3: still too easy to take too wide and end up getting into the track rubber
  • Turn 4: this one’s remarkably easy to get wrong, but getting it right allows for maintaining good speed headed toward turn 5
  • Turn 5: requires skilled trail-breaking in order to hit the apex right, which I haven’t nearly mastered
  • Turn 6: still my favorite! Get it right over the rumble strip and it slingshots you right up the hill
  • Turn 7: this is more a kink than turn, so my eyes simply target the overhead steel lines as the landmark to get on the brakes and line up the right side of the car against the rumble strip. Fastest speed was 108 mph going up the hill
  • Turn 8: “the corkscrew” requires headed toward the 2nd tree to get the right line
  • Turn 9: yep, I still hate turn 9. lol. It’s off camber and never feels like I nail the approach just right
  • Turn 10: another favorite! Though I still haven’t mastered it, getting it right is like another slingshot feeling
  • Turn 11: this one sees me turning in too early and neglecting to realize how slow a turn it really is. More practice needed…

Hot lap

My ancient GoPro Hero 3 recorded some crappy video and sound, so I’ll share a good lap from my first trip to Laguna last December. I performed a little better this time around but still have tons to learn.


One more massive thanks to BMW of San Rafael! I cannot sing their praises enough. Andy the GM, Artem and PJ (and Rommel) on the genius/sales side, and Tom in Service all deserve kudos for their candor and expertise. Seriously, what a joy it is to do these things with a group like them.