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I see that you’re out in NY like myself. Do you ever take the G80 into the city what that lip? I’m so torn on if I should get a lip, and if I do, what lip, because I’m almost certain that NYC roads will damage it. Also, what are you lowered on?

I avoid the actual city like the plague. I have driven to Manhattan less than a handful in the past 7 years. I stopped going after driving over a goddamn lamp post on the FDR that fell over all 3 lanes, damaging all 4 wheels of my old F30 335i. The wheels were bent beyond repair, and nearly every car that drove over it was parked about 150 ft past it for the same reason.. we were all waiting on tows. I shouldn’t have gone to 53rd st to get Halal guys at 2 a.m. Lesson learned – fuck driving in Manhattan.

The roads around the Bronx/Queens and Westchester County aren’t much better. I damaged and broke my $2600 Vorsteiner front lip driving on the Hutchinson, so you pay to play really. I’m lowered on KW HAS and currently have a 3 piece Unit 17 CSL style lip. If I damage a specific piece, I can replace that specific piece vs. a one piece lip.

You can install the Acexxon lip protector on any lip and protect the bottom of the lip from scraping, but protection against horrible dips in the road? There’s nothing for that. My advice would be to just go for a 3 piece and ensure that whatever company you’re buying from will send you a specific piece if it gets damaged/broken at a significantly reduced/fair price. The front looks really menacing and complete with a lip, I wouldn’t skimp out on it. Reach out to luckym3girlnj if anything, she runs the USA part of Unit 17 and can take care of you if anything. Unit 17 offers a few different styles of lips that are popular. I’m not sponsored by them at all either, but they’ve agreed to send a piece of the 3 piece lip if one breaks off.