“S58T” engine designation showing for G87 M2 Competition

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“S58T” engine designation showing for G87 M2 Competition


Came across this and found it rather intriguing. The G87 is showing that it’ll come with an S58T engine. What’s odd about this is that the G80/2’s with the ‘T‘ performance class engine rating are only for the higher power output Competition models.

Performance class

K= Lowest

U= Lower




S= Super

  • The base G87 for EU and US markets has a confirmed power output of 338kW / 453hp. This makes sense since it’s getting a detuned S58 which produces 20hp less than its big brothers, but it doesn’t explain the ‘T‘ engine designation.

  • The base G80/2 get the S58O engine which outputs 338kW /473hp. The G80/2 Competition models get the S58T engine which outputs 375kW / 503hp.

System error or sign of things to come?

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