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The Mag Wheel Thread

Okay fellas… If you selected to acknowledge it, I have a pretty simple assignment for you this morning. Write-up a photo of your decision for the finest common very hot rod ever developed working with magazine wheels. You can chose a historical auto or a modern make, but it has to be common.

A dialogue of what is and what is not common will only confirm your ignorance, so really do not go there. If you have doubts, you are disqualified. If you cannot make a decision, you are disqualified. If you have a best two or a few, adhere em all the place the sunshine never glow. Have some fortitude. Decide 1.

My decision? Properly, it may surprise you… It’s a 1955 Ford Thunderbird that was created and styled by Bob Hoshiko and is now owned by Dave Simard. A large amount of folks confuse this automobile with Doane Spencer’s very little photographed ‘bird of the exact same period. Having said that, they are actually two diverse cars and trucks. Bob and Doane were being near and when Bob bought prepared to create his very own Thunderbird, he made use of Doane’s for inspiration.

And though I do adore Doane’s car or truck, it is the little information on Bob’s that provide it to the leading. For illustration, all those small bumperettes made of steel rod? Come on man… Way too very good.

Regardless, your transform. Decide on properly.