Track-only Maserati Project24 Shown – Double Apex

Track-only supercars are an interesting proposal. They are made purely for circuit use, but don’t really conform to any race series rules. They are the reserve of the uber-wealthy who wish to spend time on track in a car that few others have, but they don’t care for wheel-to-wheel racing. Another limited edition model has been added to this list in the shape of the Maserati Project24, of which just 62 will be produced.

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Raising the bar

Maserati is building the Project24 to raise the brand’s unlimited performance to a new level of adrenaline on the track. Hmmm, sounds like fun. Not since the Ferrari Enzo-based MC12 has there been a mid-engined Maserati track car. The details aren’t clear but we do know that it will feature a carbon-fibre tub, and clad in the same lightweight material. 

Centro Stile Maserati will design the exterior. Maserati design pushes the boundaries to the limits, free of the constraints usually seen in a racing car. The result is something never seen before, combining beauty with genuine sporty capabilities to become an instant classic collector’s item.

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Ramping up power

What is clear is that the Maserati Project24 will use the same base engine as the MC20. The twin-turbocharged V6 gets new turbochargers to raise its power to 545 kW. Other upgrades will include new suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes and track-specific tyres. Power is still sent to the rear wheels. However, six-speed sequential racing gearbox with paddle shifters is now in place of the MC20’s standard item.

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Target mass will be a scant 1 250 kg. In part, this will be achieved by using full carbon-fibre bodywork as well as lexan in place of glass for the windows. The Maserati Project24 will be fitted with a fully adjustable aero kit for maximum downforce.