Two-day review. My M8 eureka moment! Pics.

Two-day review. My M8 eureka moment! Pics.


I tend to overthink things. I need explanations.

I’d driven a buddy’s M8 a bunch of times. I loved it. A lot. But I was never sure why. Its handling was nowhere near as nimble as my 1,300-pound-lighter, rear-engined 911 (dah). It didn’t have an MT, so I wasn’t as connected to the car as so-called purists like me like to say. But damn, it was fun to drive. So I described it as a beast. The German equivalent of an American muscle car. I don’t think my buddy liked that much.

Now I’m two days into my own M8 (since I declined to pay a $25k ADM for the privilege of waiting in an 18-month queue for another 911). Yesterday afternoon and evening I managed my first long drive. I fiddled with all the settings and really bonded with the car. And then I took off from a stop light at a liesurly-for-an-M8 pace. I wasn’t consciencely trying to accelerate hard. But then my neck snapped back, and Eureka!, I got it. Sonofabitch, it’s the transmission! I’ve been a Save The Manual guy for so long that I never took the time to even try to understand modern ATs. Sure, I knew they were really good, smooth, faster than MTs, yada, yada, yada. But at that moment, I realized that I could never drive any MT like I can drive the M8. I’d have to concentrate constantly. I’d have to rev the engine and slam the clutch on every acceleration. Over time, I’d burn-out a manual tranny trying to do what the M8’s tranny can do without breaking a sweat. Call it what you like, but I had my epiphany moment last night. Even if I eventually go back to Porsche, I’d be hard pressed now not to opt for the PDK. And I’m the last guy on the planet that anyone would expect to say that.

The M8 is a beast. In all the best ways. Crazy fun to drive. And no, it can never and will never match the handling of a 911. That’s not what this car does. It’s raw. It’s visceral. And it’s luxurious. I’m ok with all of that. Two days in and I’m hooked.

I took a few pics as the sun was rising this morning. I’m always reluctant to post here because this forum is full of great photography. But here’s the best my old iPhone can do. Aventurin Red over Midrand Beige. Beautiful imo. Btw, I opted for traditional Roundels and black calipers. Still an old-school guy at heart.