US-Owned Bugatti Centodieci Gets Epic EB 110 Le Mans Racer Spec

US-Owned Bugatti Centodieci Gets Epic EB 110 Le Mans Racer Spec

The Bugatti Centodieci came into the planet as a homage to the legendary EB 110 but one of the house owners required to choose their hypercar to a new amount and mimic that of a race car.

A US Centodieci owner has configured their a single-of-ten hypercar to seem just like the Bugatti EB110 LM that entered the 1994 Le Mans 24hr race.

To realize the desired search, the French car maker painted the exterior of the Centodieci in a shade of blue and then applied quite a few of the very same decals as the EB 110 endurance racer. While it’s unclear if these are simply just stickers or have been painted on, we can see all of the similar sponsor logos as the race motor vehicle experienced, together with numerous from Michelin, BBS, Esso, Ultron, Monte Carlo TMC, and JVC.

The topic carries on to the wheels which are concluded in a beautiful shade of gold.

“Heritage is some thing I locate very emotionally compelling and inspiring,” the US owner stated. “When the EB110 arrived out to race in Le Mans back again in 1994, it felt like Bugatti’s lineage evolving with perfection. I value a feeling of record and obtaining a relationship with the past. It will make possession so substantially far more special. Celebrating the past when taking pleasure in the current is also emotionally fulfilling.”