Watch TG Drive New Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Like Few Owners Ever Will

Swedish hypercar producer Koenigsegg is getting completely ready to supply the first of its limited-run Jesko. At the identical time, it’s lent 1 out to the individuals at Top rated Gear. Put together to observe more than 1,200 hp (953 kW) permit free on the keep track of in advance of tackling a tiny road trip.

If you are a hardcore Jesko admirer you could possibly know that it’s capable of building 1,600 hp (1,193 kW) from its 5.1-liter twin-turbocharged V8. To achieve that although, it needs to run E85 and in this video, Top rated Equipment only had accessibility to standard unleaded fuel. With that limitation, it’s ‘only’ producing 1,280 hp (954 kW).

Koenigsegg will only make 125 Jeskos. The 1 seen listed here is of the Absolut variety. In contrast to its Assault sibling, the Absolut is concentrated mostly on top rated speed and day-to-day livability. To that conclusion it does not have as much downforce and lacks the trick Triplex damper program that the Assault has between the entrance wheels. The two vehicles share that very same process for the rear while. According to Christian von Koenigsegg: “The title Absolut arrives from the fact that this is the absolute quickest Koenigsegg that [we] will at any time make.”

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In the video, we to start with see Top rated Gear’s Jack Rix certainly pummeling the Absolut all around the Dunsfold Aerodrome. Not lengthy following we get a heritage lesson on Koenigsegg before Rix usually takes us on a rapid tour of the lesser-acknowledged attributes of the Absolut. For instance, the hollowed-out carbon fiber wheels are designed up of 650 sheets of the things that’s hand-laid and then polished.

The trick Lightspeed gearbox options nine distinct gears and no flywheel. The final results of that clever engineering are lightning-fast shifts and an exceptionally speedy-revving V8 engine. Evidently, the only way to practical experience turbo lag in the automobile is to place it in a large gear and then to mash the throttle.

Rix does not halt at bombing close to the monitor however. Up coming, he does a thing we imagine number of Jesko house owners will essentially do, namely, he will take it on a shortish street excursion. Evidently, it’s so excellent-natured on the highway that it stands out among other hypercars. “Most of them go away me in awe but not basically seeking one… but this Jesko, it’s an all-arounder… I was not anticipating that,” he states.

Image Credit score: Best Equipment on YouTube